Asphalt Pavement Surfacing Material

CarbonSeal Asphalt Sealer manufactured by Phoenix Asphalt Maintenance of Portland, Oregon. The seal coat material is made with SC1118, an engineered construction adhesive. SC1118 is an asphalt derived, emulsified, high molecular weight thermoplastic. It exhibits a high softening point (160 Degrees F) good low temperature ductility and excellent hydrolytic stability; as well as superior adhesion to most mineral surfaces.

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Phoenix Asphalt Cracksealant


Hot & Cold Pour Cracksealers

Phoenix Asphalt carries the highest quality hot and cold pour cracksealers on the market. We have the unique ability to offer two brands of crackseal, McAsphalt’s Beram line and Right Pointe’s line of sealants, with various types and grades to fit any application.

Our hot applied crack sealants are a single component material using a combination of engineered asphalt cements, polymers, synthetic rubbers, recycled rubbers, select oil resins, U.V. inhibitors and reinforcing fillers.

Our most widely used grade is the ASTM D-1190 / 6690 type 1 which offers advanced low temperature bonding properties, prolonged resistance to degradation from weather and a positive seal during the expansion and contraction of the joint or crack. The heating of the ASTM D-1190 to pour temperature requires a double jacketed type unit similar to the Bearcat Kracker, and Stepp Mfg.’s line of crack sealers.

We also offer a cold-pour product for the smaller jobs as well as a direct-fire material for use in non-oil jacketed kettles.

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