About Phoenix

Established in 2001, Phoenix Asphalt is the place to go for expert knowledge, quality service and top of the line products for asphalt maintenance and equipment.  Our plant and warehouse is located at 211 N. Schmeer Rd, in Portland, Oregon. In Bend you can find us at 65147 N. HWY 97 Bldg. B (@ Deschutes Junction).

With over 97 years of combined experience, the Phoenix team can provide you with expertise on every level.

The Portland sealcoat manufacturing plant (located on Schmeer Rd.)  is managed by Butch Gibbons, who has over 29 years of experience in the asphalt field.  Starting out in the plant, manufacturing sealcoat, and working his way up to his current management position, Butch knows the industry from top to bottom.  He is an expert in equipment service and repair.

Jim Hendricks has been involved with the technical aspects and critical components in the asphalt industry since the early 70's, beginning with Chevron Asphalt Co.

Jeff Hendricks is our Sales and Marketing manager. Working out of our Bend location, Jeff has over 20 years experience in all things asphalt, from the supply end to the end product.

Phoenix Asphalt has the knowledge and ability to assist you on every level. Coupled with the service oriented atmosphere, Phoenix Asphalt is your complete asphalt maintenance supply company.   

For further inquiries contact:

Butch Gibbons - 360 608 1628;  phoenixasphalt@earthlink.net

Jim Hendricks - 541 410 5133;  jim@phoenixasphaltsales.com

Jeff Hendricks - 541 647 7522;  jeff@phoenixasphaltsales.com


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