Who we are:

Phoenix Asphalt Maintenance, Inc. is a manufacturer of Carbonseal Sealcoat and a distributor of Asphalt Maintenance equipment and supplies. The company’s Headquarters is in Bend, OR, and the manufacturing plant is located in Portland, OR.

What is Carbonseal:

Carbonseal is a water base emulsion sealcoat manufactured to the highest standard of asphalt surface treatments while being a safe and economically friendly for any application.

Phoenix Mission Statement:

Phoenix Asphalt’s mission is to manufacture a specialized, and long lasting Carbonseal Sealcoat product with the environment in mind while providing excellent customer service.

Phoenix Vision Statement:

As proprietors of the Carbonseal Sealcoat, Phoenix Asphalt is keen to ensure best practice methods in preparation and delivery. Thus positioning the product among the best in the industry.


Zach Russell and Butch Gibbons lead the team at Phoenix Asphalt. Together they hold a dynamic and extensive background. For instance, Zach owned and managed contracting companies before joining the company in 2013. Butch has over 30 years of experience in the sealcoat industry and has been part of Phoenix management since its founding years in 2001.

Core Values:

The company’s core competencies are its commitment to sustainability, meaning that we promise a consistent mix of our ingredients. For instance, our partners have a guaranteed supply demand allowing Phoenix Asphalt to deliver the same quality each season.

Other core values are Phoenix Asphalt’s professionalism, customer service, continuous education, flexibility, and initiatives that contribute to staying current with market trends.


Fuel Resistant in accordance with ASTM D 2939-25.