Carbon Seal - Product Description

CarbonSeal Asphalt Sealer manufactured by Phoenix Asphalt Maintenance of Portland, Oregon.  The seal coat material is made with SC1118, an engineered construction adhesive.  SC1118 is an asphalt derived, emulsified, high molecular weight thermoplastic. It exhibits a high softening point (160 Degrees F) good low temperature ductility and excellent hydrolytic stability; as well as superior adhesion to most mineral surfaces. 

The emulsifier chemistry by which SC1118 engineered thermoplastic is suspending in water is amphoteric, being chemically tolerant of even the most reactive aggregates.  When properly applied and cured, the material forms a tough, ductile, and skid resistance wearing surface. CarbonSeal prevents surface deterioration by providing resistance to the harmful effects of UV exposure as well as preventing water damage by sealing off the "hair-line" cracks usually associated with early pavement failure. 

Surface Preparation: All areas to be sealcoated need to be free from sand, dirt, dust, oil build-up, grease and other foreign debris.

Application:  Application of the seal coat material can be done by either hand squeegee application, equipment capable of squeegee style application or spraying of the sealcoat.  Depending on surface texture and traffic load, application can be in one or two separate coats with complete drying of the first coat prior to the application of the second coat. 

Curing:  All traffic should be kept off the surface until thoroughly cured and pickup or tracking does not occur.  Care should be taken to assure that any sprinkler systems are turned off for at least a 24 hour period during the application process.

Material Specifications - See CarbonSeal Product Sheet CarbonSeal Specifications Sheet

Material Safety Data Sheet - See CarbonSeal Material Safety Data Sheet

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