Section 1                    Product Identification/Contact Information

Product Identity:

                Generic Category:           Mineral Reinforced Inorganic Polymer

                Product Name(s):            Carbonseal

                Formula:                              Trade Secret


Company Address:          Phoenix Asphalt

                                                PO Box 17640

                                                Portland, OR 97217


Emergency/Information phone:  503-289-6696


Product Uses:        Asphalt and Pavement Maintenance Coatings & Adhesives


Section 2                    Composition


Ingredients                                        CAS#                                     Concentration

Asphalt Cement                               8052-42-4                            18-30%

Inorganic Mineral Fillers                trade secret                       40-50%

Polymer                                               trade secret                       0-5%


Section 3                    Physical & Chemical Properties


Boiling Point:  212F                        Specific Gravity @ F:  1.1-1.15

pH:  5-10                                              Vapor Pressure: <1

Evaporation Rate:  <1    

Vapor Density:  <1

Solubility in Water: Soluble

Appearance and Odor:  Black liquid/slurry; odor of asphalt/hydrocarbons.


Section 4                    Fire Fighting Measures


Flash Point:  None

Auto ignition Temperature NFPA:  None

Extinguishing Media:  CO2, Class B extinguisher, foam

Special Fire Fighting Procedures:  Avoid breathing vapors, wear self-contained breathing apparatus.

Unusual Fire Explosion Hazards:  None

Fire & Exposure Hazards:  This product is not defined as flammable or combustible.


Hazard Rate (NFPA)                                        Hazard Rating Scale

Health:                 1                                              0-Minimal            3-Serious

Fire:                       0                                              1-Slight                 4-Severe

Reactivity:           0                                              2-Moderate

Special:                 0                                             


Section 5                    Reactivity


Stable: Yes

Conditions to Avoid:  DO NOT HEAT ABOVE 212F

Incompatible Materials: Avoid strong oxidizing agent or concentrated acids.  Heating above 212F could cause pressure to build up and possible rupture of a tank or vessel.

Hazardous Decomposition Products:  May form CO2, CO and sulfur dioxide.

Hazardous Polymerization:  Will not occur.


Section 6                    Health Hazard Data


Hazards:  May cause irritation to skin and eyes when brought in contact.

Inhalation:  This product is not likely to present an inhalation hazard under normal use.  At elevated temperatures and in confined spaces, vapors may cause irritation of the respiratory tract.

Skin Absorption:  No significant symptoms indicative of skin absorption expected.

Skin irritation:  Will cause minor burns when product is hot (>125F).  May cause dermatitis and acne-like lesions with prolonged exposure.

Ingestion:  Ingestion of this material can cause severe irritation of the mouth, throat, esophagus and stomach.

Eye contact:  May burn and irritate.

Primary Route of Exposure:  Skin and eye contact are the primary routes of exposure to this product.

Carcinogen:  Not listed by NTP, IARC or OSHA


Section 7                    Emergency First Aid Measures


Inhalation:  Remove to fresh air.  Give oxygen or artificial respiration as needed.  Obtain medical attention promptly.

Eye contact:  Flush eyes with low pressure water for at least 15 minutes and obtain medical attention immediately.

Skin contact:  If hot product should contact skin, thermal burns can result.  Immediately cool the area with cold water.  It is not advisable to immediately remove product.  Removal should be attempted only under the direction of a physician.

Ingestion:  If ingested, do not induce vomiting, call a physician immediately.


Section 8                    Exposure Limits/Exposure Controls


Chemical Name                      PEL (OSHA)     REL (NIOSH)     STEL             IDLH (NIOSH)

Asphalt Cement Fumes                                                                                 5 mg/m3              




Respiratory Protection: Avoid breathing vapors in confined spaces.  NIOSH approved respirators may be required if exposure limits are exceeded.

Eye Protection:  Use safety glasses, goggles or face shields.

Skin Protection:  Use leather or rubber gloves, coveralls, and impervious footwear.

Engineering Controls:  Local exhaust ventilation may be required to meet exposure standards in confined areas.

Handling Precautions:  Storage tanks and trucks must be emptied, cooled, ventilated and tested for absence of vapors before allowing personnel entry.


Section 9                    Accidental Release Measures


Land Spill Stop release by making earthen dike; prevent flow from entering sewers and water ways.  Allow to cool.  Remove large spill.  Soak up product with sand.

Waste Disposal Handle in accordance with federal, state and local regulations.

State of California Completely dried residue may be disposed of in sanitary landfill.  Disposal material is not a RCRA hazardous waste.


Section 10                  Transportation Information


Shipping Information:  Not Regulated

Placard:  None

Labels:  None

Empty:  N/A


Section 11                  Special Precautions


Recommended storage temperatures are 32F - 100F (0-38C).


Section 12                  Miscellaneous


Some of the information presented and conclusions drawn herein are from sources other than direct test data on the product itself.  The information in this MSDS was obtained from sources which we believed reliable.  However, the information is provided without any warranty, expressed or implied, regarding its correctness.

The conditions or methods of handling, storage, use and disposal of the products are beyond our control and may be beyond our knowledge.  For this and other reasons, we do not assume responsibility and expressly disclaim liability for loss, damage or expense arising out of or in any way connected with the handling, storage, use or disposal of the product.

This MSDS was prepared and is to be used only for these products.  If the product is used in a component in another product, this MSDS information may not be applicable.


This MSDS has been prepared in accordance with the requirements of the OSHA Hazardous Communication Standard (29 CFR 1200).